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Weekly Press Clips – April 6, 2009

April 6th, 2009 by SC CFG

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“While there are many underlying reasons for our economic crisis — and while our political leaders in Washington and Columbia are searching for solutions to our ailing economy — I believe firmly that the ultimate solution will not be found by increasing government spending. In fact, the increasing role (and cost) of government has in part made the situation worse…It is time for state government to stop protecting the past because we always have and start looking to improve the future because the citizens of this state deserve better.” – Rep. Nikki Haley on the need for fiscal accountability

“But taxpayers everywhere should not ignore the governor’s apparent points of principle — the tightrope this federal largesse demands we mount. It’s all borrowed money, and if South Carolina or any state applies windfall revenue to recurring expenses, they engage a fundamental rule of good business and good government. When the windfall ends, the recurring expenses continue and, in most cases, have expanded. For state and local governmental entities, it’s a looming revenue trap avoidable only with a broad economic recovery and absolute success of the Obama plan.” – Ron Brinson on the issues raised by Gov. Sanford & stimulus dollars

“We are witnessing the greatest generational wealth transfer in history. Even worse than leaving the cupboard bare would be our kids finding it contains only a massive IOU to foreign countries.  These borrowed monies will only come to our state for a limited time, yet many want to spend them on recurring programs that leave holes in future budgets. Governor Sanford proposes we use a modest fourth of these funds to reduce long-term obligations and save hundreds of millions in interest. Legislators can and should choose to have these federal funds come to South Carolina by agreeing to pay down more debt in their budget.” – SC CFG Chairman Chad Walldorf in the Post & Courier


Gov. Sanford: Even without stimulus, record state spending
Rep. Nikki Haley editorializes in favor of fiscal accountability
SC CFG Chairman Chad Walldorf’s op-ed runs in Post & Courier
Ron Brinson says Sanford raises issues that need answering


Gov. Sanford extends deadline for $700 million request, demands debt repayment

…as Sen. Leatherman “doom and gloom plan” ignores $578 million
Lawmakers: Sanford Controls $700 Million
Sanford: “They’re Not Going To Get That Money”
Augusta Chronicle editorializes in favor of Gov. Sanford’s stand against federal dependency
Rep. Nathan Ballentine: Saying “NO” is never easy
House delays action on ESC
FITS: This Is A Stick Up!


Senators: School Choice a cash-windfall for public schools
Top Republicans Back Parental Choice
Sen. Ford not giving in to critics of choice plan
Bill would allow charter teachers to be considered for Teacher of the Year


5 judges running for open SC Supreme Court seat

Rep. Jeff Duncan to run for Barrett’s seat