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South Carolina Club for Growth

SC Club for Growth Makes History

September 18th, 2014 by SC CFG

September 17, 2014


page1image2208Network of Fiscal Conservatives Endorses a Democrat for Statewide office

Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Club for Growth, a network of fiscal conservatives, made history today by endorsing its first statewide Democratic candidate – Ginny Deerin – who is running for Secretary of State.

“We are endorsing Ginny Deerin for three reasons,” said SC Club for Growth Chairman Dave Ellison. “First, her plan to cut the budget, cut the fees and cut regulations in the Secretary of State’s office compellingly aligns with our commitment to fiscal conservatism.”

“Second, her opponent – the 12-year incumbent – has allowed the Secretary of State’s office to become a bloated bureaucracy that wastes taxpayers’ money and makes doing business in our state more cumbersome for South Carolina companies and charities.”

“Third, Ginny Deerin wants to make our state government more efficient, not only by cutting the budget, fees and regulations in the Secretary of State’s office but also by making the Secretary of State an appointed office, rather than an elected one.”

Since its formation a decade ago, this is the very first time that the Club for Growth has endorsed a Democratic candidate for state-wide office. “Our mission is to support viable, pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates,” Ellison said. “In the race for Secretary of State, Ginny Deerin is clearly the candidate who meets our criteria. The current Secretary of State’s office is inefficient and out of step with the times. For example, of the 139 forms and fees managed by that office, only four can presently be completed online. In today’s digital world, that is unacceptable. It represents a waste of time and money for South Carolina companies, charities and taxpayers. And it slows down the economic growth our state needs and deserves. Ginny Deerin has a plan to change that. And that is why we are going to do everything we can in support of her candidacy.”

Ginny Deerin has a 40-year career of success in marketing and communications, consulting in the areas of non-profit management, fundraising and marketing, and founding WINGS for Kids, an education program that has been recognized as one of the best-managed non-profits in South Carolina.

In recognition of lifetime achievement and community service, she is the recipient of the Order of the Palmetto, the state’s highest civilian honor.

“I am very grateful for the endorsement of South Carolina’s Club for Growth,” Deerin said. “This is a widely respected organization that rigorously identifies and supports fiscally conservative candidates. I am proud that they find my plan to cut the budget, cut fees and cut regulations in the Secretary of State’s office merits their support. And I am honored that they are making history by endorsing my candidacy.”

South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is a network of fiscal conservatives dedicated to expanding the prosperity of working families through the Reagan doctrine of lower taxes, smaller government and free enterprise. The mission of SC Club for Growth PAC is to support viable pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates. In the past, our efforts have included mail pieces, television ads, and candidate endorsements in critical races.