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SC Club for Growth Makes History

September 18th, 2014 by SC CFG

September 17, 2014


page1image2208Network of Fiscal Conservatives Endorses a Democrat for Statewide office

Columbia, SC – The South Carolina Club for Growth, a network of fiscal conservatives, made history today by endorsing its first statewide Democratic candidate – Ginny Deerin – who is running for Secretary of State.

“We are endorsing Ginny Deerin for three reasons,” said SC Club for Growth Chairman Dave Ellison. “First, her plan to cut the budget, cut the fees and cut regulations in the Secretary of State’s office compellingly aligns with our commitment to fiscal conservatism.”

“Second, her opponent – the 12-year incumbent – has allowed the Secretary of State’s office to become a bloated bureaucracy that wastes taxpayers’ money and makes doing business in our state more cumbersome for South Carolina companies and charities.”

“Third, Ginny Deerin wants to make our state government more efficient, not only by cutting the budget, fees and regulations in the Secretary of State’s office but also by making the Secretary of State an appointed office, rather than an elected one.”

Since its formation a decade ago, this is the very first time that the Club for Growth has endorsed a Democratic candidate for state-wide office. “Our mission is to support viable, pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates,” Ellison said. “In the race for Secretary of State, Ginny Deerin is clearly the candidate who meets our criteria. The current Secretary of State’s office is inefficient and out of step with the times. For example, of the 139 forms and fees managed by that office, only four can presently be completed online. In today’s digital world, that is unacceptable. It represents a waste of time and money for South Carolina companies, charities and taxpayers. And it slows down the economic growth our state needs and deserves. Ginny Deerin has a plan to change that. And that is why we are going to do everything we can in support of her candidacy.”

Ginny Deerin has a 40-year career of success in marketing and communications, consulting in the areas of non-profit management, fundraising and marketing, and founding WINGS for Kids, an education program that has been recognized as one of the best-managed non-profits in South Carolina.

In recognition of lifetime achievement and community service, she is the recipient of the Order of the Palmetto, the state’s highest civilian honor.

“I am very grateful for the endorsement of South Carolina’s Club for Growth,” Deerin said. “This is a widely respected organization that rigorously identifies and supports fiscally conservative candidates. I am proud that they find my plan to cut the budget, cut fees and cut regulations in the Secretary of State’s office merits their support. And I am honored that they are making history by endorsing my candidacy.”

South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is a network of fiscal conservatives dedicated to expanding the prosperity of working families through the Reagan doctrine of lower taxes, smaller government and free enterprise. The mission of SC Club for Growth PAC is to support viable pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates. In the past, our efforts have included mail pieces, television ads, and candidate endorsements in critical races.


Dear Friends,

Over the past decade, the SC Club for Growth PAC has worked hard to find, elect and hold accountable fiscally conservative lawmakers. Thanks to your support, we have played a crucial role helping elect solid conservatives, which has made us a “farm team” of sorts for the national Club for Growth. We are proud that several of our early-backed candidates are now representing us in both the United States House and Senate.

Our candidates have also made a big difference in Columbia including this year when they led the effort to pass a decades-long push to restructure state government.

We are making progress, but there is a long way to go – especially on the issues of expanded school choice and real ethics reform, both of which have stalled in the legislature. We need more fiscal conservatives in Columbia.

Every election cycle we ask for your support of candidates that we believe will make South Carolina a better place to work and live. For the 2014 Primary we are only asking you to contribute to one candidate; we feel that the Superintendent of Education race is that important.

Meka Childs

Meka has experience in South Carolina’s public schools as a student, teacher and policy maker. She is one of the many success stories, but has also seen first hand the shortcomings of our state’s public schools.

After graduating from Airport High School in West Columbia, Meka attended Duke University for undergraduate and graduate school. Upon completion of her Masters degree, she taught in the Richland County public school system and then went to work for Governor Sanford as an education policy advisor. Meka then went to serve on the SC Education Oversight Committee and work for Superintendent Mick Zais. She clearly has a passion for education reform.

Meka believes that just money – without enhanced competition and better policies – won’t help our schools. She believes that there should be increased accountability in classrooms and at the Department of Education. She supports parents choosing the best education for their child regardless of their economic situation or zip code.

One of her main opponents in the Republican primary is a former Democrat legislator currently working as a lobbyist for the school administrators. They work against most of the reforms we believe in. In case you think there is a typo above, I will repeat it.

A leading contender for the Republican nomination for Superintendent of Education is a lobbyist for the status quo and former Democrat lawmaker.

Another is a personal injury attorney who hasn’t taught in nearly three decades. Others are largely single-issue candidates. Current Superintendent Mick Zais has made some strides during his term but much more work needs to be done to improve our schools. We believe Meka Childs is the only one who can make this happen.

Conservatives from around the state are rallying around Meka’s campaign. Amongst others, Senator Kevin Bryant and Representative Eric Bedingfield (consistent Tax Payer Heroes on the SC Club for Growth Foundation’s Scorecard) have endorsed Meka as has noted upstate conservative activist Bob Castellani.

Meka is incredibly bright and hard working, and South Carolina needs her leading the education system. We ask that you please join us in generously supporting Meka Childs for Superintendent of Education.

SC Club for Growth Political Action Committee

The SC Club for Growth PAC targets races where status quo politicians are challenged by true fiscal conservatives. Below are candidates that we believe are in winnable races but will need some extra help in crossing the finish line. Contributions to the PAC will be used in these and other targeted races to defeat incumbents that campaign on fiscal responsibility and accountable government but forget these promises when they go to Columbia.

Jonathon Hill – House District 8:

Jonathon is running against Representative Don Bowen. While we endorsed Bowen eight years ago, he has continually voted for more spending and frivolous pork projects. These spending habits have garnered him a 50 on the SC Club for Growth Foundation’s 2013 Scorecard. Jonathon will bring his small business experience to the statehouse and watch after your tax dollars like they were his own.

Ed Harris – House District 3:

We endorsed Ed last cycle.  However, after he defeated incumbent RINO Rep. Skelton in the primary, Ed’s victory was ruled invalid because of the same technicality that kicked hundreds of other candidates off the ballot.  The good news is that Ed will take what he has learned about running a business and apply those same principles while in Columbia.

Gaye Holt – House District 34:

We endorsed Gaye in 2012 in her run as a petition candidate.  She won more than 35 percent of the vote – an incredibly high number for a petition candidate. Her opponent, Rep. Mike Forrester, has voted against common sense reforms and for higher budgets for too long and has a 58 average on the Club’s Foundation scorecard for the last four years.

We are always very careful to only ask for your investment in races where our direct and PAC funds can make the difference. Meka’s race is very tight and can go either way depending on our help.

All investments in our PAC and races – no matter the size – help both the candidates and the entire reform movement.

Thank you in advance for any amount you can contribute.


Dave Ellison

Please make checks payable to “Childs for Superintendent” or “SC Club for Growth PAC” and mail them to the address below.

SC Club for Growth PAC
PO Box 11451
Columbia, SC 29211


Columbia, S.C. – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Governor Nikki Haley.

Since her inauguration three years ago Haley has worked to drop the unemployment rate, lower taxes on small businesses and reform state government.

“Over the last three years Governor Haley has shown that she is serious about improving South Carolina’s economy, and reforming its government. When the SC Club for Growth PAC endorsed her in 2010 we knew she was the best choice. She has proven that again and again. We proudly endorse Gov. Haley’s candidacy for reelection,” said SC Club for Growth Chairman Dave Ellison.

When Haley first took office, South Carolina’s unemployment rate was 10.6 percent. As of this spring, unemployment was 5.7 percent – the lowest since April of 2008, and below the national average. Thanks to Haley’s hard work, more South Carolinians have quality jobs.

Lowering unemployment and lowering taxes go hand in hand. Thanks to Haley’s hard work, taxes on small businesses were reduced from 5 percent to 3 percent. This is a 40% drop in taxes for small businesses, which means more jobs for South Carolinians.

Haley’s ability to partner with the legislature resulted in the creation of the Department of Administration, an improvement over the antiquated and unaccountable Budget & Control Board, and the culmination of a decades-long push to rid taxpayers of an inefficient and corrupt institution.  Not only that, an ethics reform bill is on the verge of passage into law.

Haley has been good to her campaign promises to taxpayers, a fact demonstrated by South Carolina’s improved climate as a place to work and live. The SC Club for Growth is eager to see Governor Haley continue her work in a second term and asks the Club’s supporters to do all they can to ensure her re-election.



March 4, 2014

SC Club for Growth Announces its First Endorsement of 2014

COLUMBIA, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Pat McKinney for Lt. Governor.

As a longtime resident of South Carolina, Pat has seen how ineffective and inefficient South Carolina’s government can be. After 40 years in business, he has also experienced how government can make it difficult to start a successful small business.

Pat wants to ensure tax dollars are spent responsibly – starting with the lieutenant governors office. He has pledged to eliminate the security detail for the Lt. Governor. This full-time security detail for a part-time official costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

“With one term remaining before the Governor and Lt. Governor run on a joint ticket, it is important we elect a fiscal conservative who brings a common sense approach to government. Pat’s history as a successful and respected businessman plus his volunteer work on boards around the state and nation brings a rare, if not unique, perspective to the Lt. Governor’s office. The South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is proud to give Pat our strong endorsement,” said South Carolina Club for Growth PAC Chairman, Dave Ellison.

South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is a network of fiscal conservatives dedicated to expanding the prosperity of working families through the Reagan doctrine of lower taxes, smaller government and free enterprise. The mission of SC Club for Growth PAC is to support viable pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates. In the past, our efforts have included mail pieces, television ads, and candidate endorsements in critical races.


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