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Wes Climer, Richard Skipper, and Reese Boyd Secure SCCFG Endorsement

Dear Friends,

I truly believe that we are witnessing history before our very own eyes! Over the past few months, the SC Club for Growth has recruited and vetted some outstanding conservative candidates that are already having an impact on politics and governance in South Carolina. Just a few weeks ago, driven by the threat of primary opposition, the Senate Republican Caucus stood firm against democrats, liberal Republican Hugh Leatherman, and a $200 million taxpayer funded slush fund. That rare show of solidarity made front-page news across the state with some publications asking if a new, more conservative GOP-majority was dawning in the SC Senate.

Sadly, many people, including Democrat Senator Gerald Malloy, could see the move for what it really was – temporary political showmanship at its worst. Malloy said, in part, “if we didn’t have March 16 (the opening day of the two-week-long period for candidates to file for legislative seats), you wouldn’t have that togetherness” predicting that after the primary elections “it will be back to standard operating procedures.” You and I know that means a return to the backroom deals, tax-and-spend mindset, and wasting more of our hard-earned dollars.

I know this scares you as much as it does me. If we truly want a new conservative Senate, we must change the people in it. The South Carolina Club for Growth has done the legwork. We’ve found the principled candidates that believe in the values of limited government, lower taxes, reducing wasteful spending, and reforming state government.

Now it is up to all of us to make sure they have the support and resources to win on June 14. With every sitting legislator up for re-election this year, we offer you our first three endorsements of this cycle and promise you more to come.

Wes Climer
Senate District 15 (York County)


Wes Climer has deep family roots in his York County district, where he grew up working in his grandfather’s hardware store.  After graduating from Furman University, he served as press secretary to Rep. Patrick McHenry, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, and Rep. (now-Sen.) Bill Cassidy.  He moved home to Rock Hill in 2011 to raise his growing family and join his family’s wealth management practice, where he leads the team’s investment policy committee and works with clients to grow and protect their wealth.  In 2013, he won a competitive race to serve as Chairman of the York County Republican Party, a position to which he was reelected in 2015 by acclamation.

Climer’s opponent, career politician and former Democrat Wes Hayes, has been an impediment to conservative causes for years and consistently scores an “F” on the South Carolina Club for Growth Foundation’s legislative scorecards. Whether it is casting a deciding vote in favor of adopting common core in 2010, voting for some of the largest tax increases in South Carolina history, supporting a legislator-only sweetheart pension deal, voting to kill school choice, or wasting millions of dollars on pet projects and pork barrel spending, Hayes’ departure from elected office should be welcomed with open arms.

Climer is a full-spectrum movement conservative with substantial private sector and public policy experience. He believes that fundamental tax reform, restructuring DOT, empowering parents through school choice, imposing stringent ethics reform, and reducing state spending are critical components to driving economic growth and job creation over the coming decades. Climer needs our help to defeat party-switching Hayes and we encourage you to donate to him today!

To donate by check, make checks payable to Wes Climer for Senate and mail checks to:

SC Club for Growth PAC
PO Box 11451
Columbia, SC 29211

Click HERE to donate online to Wes Climer for Senate

Email:    Website:

Richard Skipper
Senate District 31 (Darlington & Florence Counties)


Richard Skipper is a native South Carolinian, successful small businessman, and former Florence County Republican Party Chairman. A longtime believer in conservative restructuring of government, Richard will be challenging former Democrat and 35 year incumbent Hugh Leatherman.

Senator Leatherman consistently scores an “F” on the South Carolina Club for Growth Foundation’s legislative scorecards, often votes with radical liberals in the Senate, and is Public Enemy No. 1 for many conservative groups and individuals across the state.

Perhaps more than any other person in South Carolina History, Leatherman has blocked nearly every major piece of conservative legislation and his removal from office will surely change our state for the better. It is time for a steadfast leader, like Richard Skipper, who believes in a transparent and accountable government, term limits, real school choice, and the elimination of waste, fraud, and abuse in government spending.

Polling data shows that Leatherman is extremely vulnerable and that the voters of District 31 are ready for a change after 35 years of a Senator that does not reflect their conservative values. Leatherman might have changed his party affiliation but after 3 decades of liberal voting, he’s not changed his stripes. Richard needs your help to take down the biggest impediment to prosperity in the state.

To donate by check, make checks payable to Richard Skipper for Senate and mail checks to:

SC Club for Growth PAC
PO Box 11451
Columbia, SC 29211

Click HERE to donate online to Richard Skipper for Senate

Email:    Website:

Reese Boyd
Senate District 34 (Charleston, Georgetown & Horry Counties)


A small business owner and former board member of the South Carolina Club for Growth, Reese Boyd served as legal counsel to Governor Carroll Campbell, Jr. and is a recipient of the Order of the Palmetto. He also is a former board member and chairman of the Palmetto Family Council and continues to advance school choice in South Carolina as a member of the statewide Public Charter School District Board. A strong proponent for ethics reform, term limits, and common sense restructuring, Reese Boyd will be a valuable ally to the few true conservatives in the statehouse and a tremendous advocate for the people of District 34.

In contrast, his primary opponent Stephen Goldfinch, is an ethically troubled lawmaker from Georgetown who has an unresolved federal charge hanging over his campaign for his involvement in an illegal stem cell operation, was sued by his former business partner for failure of fiduciary duties, voted to raise his own pay by 65%, voted against greater transparency in government, and consistently scores poor marks on the Club for Growth Foundation’s legislative scorecards. Most recently, Goldfinch voted for one of the largest tax increases in South Carolina history.

In March, the State Newspaper reported that Goldfinch would “be the first target of a new, pro-Haley political organization” which is expected to help elect a true conservative. The SC Club for Growth believes Reese Boyd is that person. Polling data from the district shows that this race is wide-open, and that when voters are educated on Goldfinch’s liberal record and Reese’s conservative ideas, Boyd wins easily. However, delivering that message effectively will require a strong fundraising operation. We encourage you to donate to Reese Boyd for Senate today!

To donate by check, make checks payable to Reese Boyd for Senate and mail checks to:

SC Club for Growth PAC
PO Box 11451
Columbia, SC 29211

Click HERE to donate online to Reese Boyd for Senate

Email:    Website:

South Carolina Club for Growth PAC

Over the years, the SC Club for Growth PAC has helped tilt the balance of power towards conservative reformers. We are currently on the cusp, maybe 3 or 4 seats in the Senate, away from seeing that goal become a reality and ushering in a new dawn of a conservative-controlled legislature. As such, this primary season we have made the calculated decision to focus heavily on State Senate races.

This means that we will likely only ask you for 6 to 9 campaign contributions that will be targeted at winnable races and spent wisely and effectively. Your support of our PAC allows us to have a crucial influence in key races that will change our state government – and ultimately our state – for the better.

To donate by check, make checks payable to the SC Club for Growth PAC and mail checks to:

SC Club for Growth PAC
PO Box 11451
Columbia, SC 29211

Click HERE to donate online to the SC Club For Growth PAC

All investments in candidates and our PAC – no matter the size – help both the candidates themselves and the entire reform movement by ensuring our collective conservative voice is heard across our great state.

Thank you in advance for any amount you can contribute. And don’t forget, candidates’ have a March 31st contribution reporting deadline… so please, donate today using the information above.


Onward to Victory,





David Ellison, Chairman

P.S. – I know times are tough, but we would not be successful without the generosity of friends like you who continue to selflessly invest with us to help some great candidates around the state.

JANUARY 21, 2016

SC Club for Growth Foundation Releases Legislative Scorecards
70% of Legislature Receives Failing Marks from Club 

COLUMBIA, S.C. –After Governor Haley’s State of the State address last night, the South Carolina Club for Growth Foundation released its 2015 Interim Legislative Scorecards. Of the 170 lawmakers in the General Assembly, only 7 representatives and 11 senators scored well enough to earn an A or B from the Club. However, the opposite end of the grading scale was well represented. 119 legislators received F grades from the conservative educational organization.

Scorecards can be found by clicking here.

The South Carolina Club for Growth Foundation scored 8 House votes and 9 Senate votes from the 2015 legislative session, including votes on ethics reform, the gas tax increase, and the removal of the confederate flag.

“It is no surprise that politicians often talk a great game back home only to vote against the interests of hardworking South Carolinians and often under the cover of darkness while using inside-the-capitol procedural tactics aimed at making it difficult for everyday people to follow,” said Club executive director R.J. May III. “These scorecards break through the clutter and paint a clear picture that shows who really cares about reducing spending, conservative reform, and other pro-growth issues.”

Scores are based on a thorough analysis of the thousands of votes taken last session with a focus on the budget process, government reform and restructuring, and pro or anti-growth policies.

A pro-growth vote received the maximum number of points, while a vote against the pro-growth position received no points. In certain circumstances, points were deducted from legislators for changing a vote. If a legislator went on record as abstaining from a vote – due to a conflict of interest – that vote was not factored into their total score.

The SC Club for Growth Foundation Scorecard only looks at votes on the floor of the Senate and House or Representatives. It does not take into consideration a legislator’s work outside of the chambers.


Char. Dec 5

SC Club for Growth to Host Campaign School after House Republicans Cancel

With House GOP Caucus Out, SC Club for Growth Steps In

The South Carolina Club for Growth will host a campaign school in the Charleston area on the morning of December 5th.

The event, aimed at true conservatives who feel their current representation lacks fiscal fortitude, will cover a wide variety of topics and provide the best tactics for taking down entrenched incumbents.

The South Carolina Club for Growth encourages all pro-growth, limited government conservatives seeking to challenge liberal Republicans and democrats to join us on December 5th.

The discussion will feature speakers from some of the state’s top political consulting firms, including Walter Whetsell from Starboard Communications and Andrew Boucher from RightVoter.

The event is free but registration is required.

To register for the event, visit:

Please direct questions to



The South Carolina Club for Growth urges all Representatives to vote YES on any amendment that removes Part III, which bonds out almost $500 million for projects around the state.

Part III of the budget was introduced and adopted at the last minute by the Ways and Means Committee with little public discussion. With a total budget of over $24 billion it is tough to have an open discussion on every item. However, Part III should have received more scrutiny and more time for the public to review it before it was added to the budget.

No financial advisor would tell their client to pay off a credit card then max it out the next day – yet this is exactly what is being done with Part III. We have been told that the state will, “pay off a large portion of its debt portfolio in the next few years.” This is great news, but this is a horrible reason to pass a bonding bill spending almost half a billion dollars.

Responsible spending has been a focus of the South Carolina Club for Growth since our founding. Any amendment that removes part III from the budget will be scored heavily on the 2015 Club for Growth Foundation’s Scorecard.


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