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South Carolina Club for Growth

Columbia, S.C. – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Governor Nikki Haley.

Since her inauguration three years ago Haley has worked to drop the unemployment rate, lower taxes on small businesses and reform state government.

“Over the last three years Governor Haley has shown that she is serious about improving South Carolina’s economy, and reforming its government. When the SC Club for Growth PAC endorsed her in 2010 we knew she was the best choice. She has proven that again and again. We proudly endorse Gov. Haley’s candidacy for reelection,” said SC Club for Growth Chairman Dave Ellison.

When Haley first took office, South Carolina’s unemployment rate was 10.6 percent. As of this spring, unemployment was 5.7 percent – the lowest since April of 2008, and below the national average. Thanks to Haley’s hard work, more South Carolinians have quality jobs.

Lowering unemployment and lowering taxes go hand in hand. Thanks to Haley’s hard work, taxes on small businesses were reduced from 5 percent to 3 percent. This is a 40% drop in taxes for small businesses, which means more jobs for South Carolinians.

Haley’s ability to partner with the legislature resulted in the creation of the Department of Administration, an improvement over the antiquated and unaccountable Budget & Control Board, and the culmination of a decades-long push to rid taxpayers of an inefficient and corrupt institution.  Not only that, an ethics reform bill is on the verge of passage into law.

Haley has been good to her campaign promises to taxpayers, a fact demonstrated by South Carolina’s improved climate as a place to work and live. The SC Club for Growth is eager to see Governor Haley continue her work in a second term and asks the Club’s supporters to do all they can to ensure her re-election.



Legislative Update

March 14th, 2014 by SC CFG

The House of Representatives just passed the largest budget in South Carolina’s history. The $24 billion budget appropriates $1.6 billion more than last year’s budget.

It is unfortunate that excess revenues were spent instead of returned to taxpayers, however; we are encouraged to see a plan allowing counties to buy roads from the state. Nationally, South Carolina ranks number five for miles of state owned roads but is one of the smaller states (40th). One step for improving roads in South Carolina is not by raising taxes, but taking roads that the state owns and put the counties in charge.

We were sad to see two efforts to remove a full time security detail for a part time public official fail. Some previous Lt. Governors have realized that a full time security detail is a waste of taxpayer money and we agree. It was also disappointing to see a proposal to prevent local government from charging a fee for paying your taxes with a credit or debit card. This “tax on a tax” isn’t something we agree with and the Senate should put this back in the budget.

On the Senate side a weak ethics reform bill, which was largely debated behind closed doors, was passed back over to the House. The Senate’s version still allows self-policing for legislators. We hope that the House will fix this and strengthen this much-needed reform.

As the Senate starts the budget process we encourage members to keep all pet projects, pork and earmarks out of the budget and return any excess revenues to the taxpayer. Despite what many politicians think, tax dollars are not manna from heaven but money taken straight from the pockets of hard working South Carolinians.


March 4, 2014

SC Club for Growth Announces its First Endorsement of 2014

COLUMBIA, SC – Today, the South Carolina Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Pat McKinney for Lt. Governor.

As a longtime resident of South Carolina, Pat has seen how ineffective and inefficient South Carolina’s government can be. After 40 years in business, he has also experienced how government can make it difficult to start a successful small business.

Pat wants to ensure tax dollars are spent responsibly – starting with the lieutenant governors office. He has pledged to eliminate the security detail for the Lt. Governor. This full-time security detail for a part-time official costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

“With one term remaining before the Governor and Lt. Governor run on a joint ticket, it is important we elect a fiscal conservative who brings a common sense approach to government. Pat’s history as a successful and respected businessman plus his volunteer work on boards around the state and nation brings a rare, if not unique, perspective to the Lt. Governor’s office. The South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is proud to give Pat our strong endorsement,” said South Carolina Club for Growth PAC Chairman, Dave Ellison.

South Carolina Club for Growth PAC is a network of fiscal conservatives dedicated to expanding the prosperity of working families through the Reagan doctrine of lower taxes, smaller government and free enterprise. The mission of SC Club for Growth PAC is to support viable pro-growth, fiscally conservative candidates. In the past, our efforts have included mail pieces, television ads, and candidate endorsements in critical races.


The South Carolina Club for Growth urges all Senators to support transparency and accountability in H. 3945, the Commission on Ethics Enforcement and Disclosure.

Since last year, the Senate has been considering H. 3945. In one year, a Senator left office under scrutiny, and multiple House members have been under investigation. It is clear that South Carolinians deserve meaningful reform.

This bill is a rare chance to change a system where legislators are police other legislators, and income sources are not disclosed.

Sadly, a bill meant to bring about sunlight has been discussed in the dark. There have been numerous closed-door meetings on this bill where taxpayers don’t know what was said or done.

We encourage Senators to vote to disclose all sources of income, not just some income, or income from certain sources.

The self-policing ethics process needs to end. The current makeup of the South Carolina Ethics Commission is well equipped to watch over the legislature. We saw legislators try and hide behind South Carolina’s Constitution during on the record voting, and we are seeing it again today.  

Today is a great opportunity for those Senators who campaigned on accountability to show they are serious about the promises they made.

Ethics reform has been a focus of the South Carolina Club for Growth since our founding. Votes from this year’s budget veto message will be a part of the SC Club for Growth’s 2014 Scorecard.


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